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Super VAG 3.0 iSCANCAR KM IMMO OBD2 Coder Scanner

ISCANCAR VAG KM IMMO OBD2 Code Scanner is a handheld diagnostic scanner for almost all VW Audi with protocol KWP1281 (K-line), KWP2000 (K-line) and KWP6000 (CAN). 

IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner support almost all control modules of VW Audi vehicles.
 IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner also supports maintain dashboard mileage, read immobilizer code and match key.

I. Highlights:

1. It is the Update Version of Super VAG
2. IScancar Language: English
3. IScancar is the best tool for VW. And it does not need to remove diagnostic socket, no need connect with PC.

4. Notice: IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner will not support some dashboard adjust since one car model’s dashboard is different from that of another one. When your find IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner does not support your car, please you use diagnostic function to read out dashboard number and send us.
II. IScancar Code Scanner Diagnosis Function:

Read out control unit information
Read fault codes
Clear fault codes
Actuator test
Scan live data
Basic settings
Coding control unit
Match and adjust
Login and authorization
III. IScancar Codes Scanner support mileage change for the following Dashboard:

IScancar Trouble Codes Scanner is mainly compatible with K-line and CANBUS protocol
VDO (K-line and CANBUS)
Motometer (K-line)
Marelli  (CANBUS)
Bosch (K-line)
IV. IScancar Codes Scanner Support Read Immobilizer Code for the Following IMMO Type:
Engine control unit
Immobilizer dump
V. IScancar Codes Scanner support key programming for the following control unit:

Immobilizer control unit
Dashboard control unit
Kessy control unit
VI. Update:

IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner update via internet for free, no need to send back to the factory to update.

VII. IScancar Code Reader Car Models Coverage:

Support most dashboard adjust for Chinese VW. Jetta dashboard (built-in IMMO system), all Passat models, Audi A6, A4, A8, A6L, Q7, Sagitar, Caddy, Touran, Polo, Polo jinqing, Polo AccFast, Bora( including multi-functional dashboard), Golf, Skoda, Magotan, Sagitar, A6L, new Bora. 
VIII. IScancar Code Scanner Test and diagnosis:

IScancar Codes Scanner have some test function of VAG1552 and add some function of VAS5051. IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner support diagnosis for Audi, Bora, Jetta after 2005 year, Passat, Santana, Polo, Golf and more, it cover Engine, automatic transmission, SRS, airbags and dashboard. It supports read computer version number, read and clear trouble codes.
IX. Read Immo Code:

IScancar Codes Scanner support reading immobilizer code for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat from engine control unit, immobilizer dump and dashboard by OBD2 diagnostic interface, no need to remove immobilizer dump and dashboard, no need to remove and weld chip. It supports automatically recognize the following immobilizer system including: IMMO1, IMMO2, IMMO3, IMMO4 and WFS.  IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner support car models: all Passat models, Jetta, Santana, Audi A6, A4, A8, Sagitar, Caddy, Touran, all Polo models, all Bora models (including new Bora), Golf and Skoda.
X. Key Matching:

Directly match key for most VW, get away from complicated operating procedures!
Workable models:
CDC32XX (after 2007)
 NEC+24C32 (after 2008)
 NEC+24C64 (after 2009)
 NEC+24C64 (after 2013)
Passat B7 color screen dashboard

Motorola MM7
Lavida 1.6,2.0
Audi A1
Audi A3 and TT and R8(CAN)
Audi A4 2000-2008 (K)
Audi A4L, Q5, A5(after 2008)
Audi A6, Q7 (after 2008)
Audi A8 (2003-2011)
 A4 B5 with BC-1997(K)
 A4 B5 WIOUT BC-1997(K)
 A8 -10.1996(K)
 A8 11.1996-(K)
 A6 B45 -1997(K)
Marelli -1 Shadow (K)
Marelli -2 (Passat)(K)
Marelli -3 (TT) (K)
Marelli -Audi M73 V1 (K)
Golf 4 Bosch RBx (K)
VDO66 and 86 Motometer
Support the following new model dashboard adjustment

2006-2013   Sagitar
2006-2013   Bora
2006-2013   Polo
2006-2013   Lavida (1.4,1.6,2.0)
2006-2013   new Passast (color
2006-2013   Magotan
2006-2013   CC
2007-2013   Tiguan
2006-2013   Touran
2000-2008   A4
2008-2013   A4l, Q5, A5
2008-2013   A6l, Q7
2006-2013   Octavia
2006-2013  Hao Rui
2006-2013  Fabia
XI. Package List:

 1pc x  New Super VAG 3.0 ISCANCAR OBD2 Coder Scanner 

XII. Machine testing photo

XIII. Clients feedback

1.This is not cheap other vag scanners. This scanner can work as a km tool, an obd2 scanner, an ECU IMMO programmer etc. It meets the basic to whom mainly deals with VAG models.Xhorse is a trustworthy brand.

2. My very first test was Skoda Octavia 1.63TDi 2010 who display the wrong odometer 46130miles, but actually it runs only 2625miles. I have checked the car is supported by Super VAG diagnostic code scanner.

3. Software was not difficult to install.Simple plugged the Super VAG scanner into the OBD diagnostic socket, turn off the ignition switch, the Super VAG Iscanner V3.0 software is ready to use. If I am not wrong, simply followed this way: select and go to VAG Diagnostic >>Instrument Cluster>>Special Function>>Change KM>>AutoDetect Instrument, then manually enter the correct KM.
NOTE: The scanner display mileage in KM, the value you enter should be exchanged miles to KM.

4. Having kept the ISCANCAR VAG KM IMMO OBD2 code scanner for a nearly two months, I have tested many other models, check what it does and does not below:

Read PIN code & Change odometer for Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDi 2004
Passat 2007 KM change
Golf V2.0 TDi 2007 Pin code reading & odometer correction
Audi A6 2.7TDi 2005 odometer correction by Super VAG ISCANCAR
Other model tested work:
Passat CC 2014
Golf 5 2009
VW POLO 2002
South Africa Golf 2009
Audi Q5 and Q7 2008-2012

Tested failed:
Golf V with version dash does not work EDC16

5. Except odometer correction and pin code reading, the Super VAG ISCANCAR served excellent as a scanner(good on  reading/clearing DTCs, displaying live data etc). It allowed me to code control unit, key learning so on and for forth. I found it is the update version of Super VAG K+CAN, but i have to admit that some of these functions, for example odometer correction, key matching, immo code reading are not designed for all VAG group models, I am afraid you have to refer to the vehilce list before ordering the scanner. The Super VAG ISCANCAR obd2 scanner did not disappoint me.


1. Q: Is there any newest software version of super vag 3.0 iscancar released ?
A: Not yet, if there is newest version,you can update freely.

2. Q: Which car years your super vag 3.0 support??
A: It support car models after 07 years.

3. Q: This super vag 3.0 iscancar can prepare and make dealer key for golf 5(after 2006), golf 6....?
A: This Super Vag 3.0 support  golf 5(after 2006), golf 6...., but we are not sure if it can do key programming for your cars. You can have a try.

4. Q: Can I use this super vag 3.0 to change mileage for my car:2007-2008 Skoda Fabia
A: We not test super vag 3.0 on this year this car, but you can have a try.

5. Q: Can super vag 3.0 change the mileage on a golf 7 with this instrument? Golf 7 year 2013-2014 ?
A: Very sorry, super vag 3.0 can not work on Golf 7 year 2013-2014, suggest you to use Digimaster III to work Golf 7 year 2013-2014, and digimaster iii latest version 1606, also can udpate free online.

6.Q:  To changing odometers on vw based cars, mostly between year 2005-2011, my
question is that is this super vag 3.0 iscancar able to change odometer in engine control unit or it can just change odometer in instrument cluster ?
A: This device super vag 3.0 iscancar can just  change odometer in instrument cluster.

7. Q: Super Vag 3.0 Iscancar Only support English now??
A: Yes,Super Vag 3.0 Iscancar only support English so far.

8. Q: Is super vag 3.0 great, better than Super VAG?
A: Yes, super vag 3.0 is the updater version of Super VAG.

9. Q: I want to use this super vag 3.0 to program remote for cdcxx, can i ?
A: Yes, super vag 3.0 can prpgram remote for cdxx 

10. Q: does super vag 3.0 support multi-language?
A: super vag 3.0 only support English.

11. Q: this isuper vag 3.0 and super vag, similar??
A: This one super vag 3.0 is the update version of Super VAG. It is more powerful and stable. 

For any question, welcome to contact Dinna.
Skype: ufodiag2008

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