Sunday, June 5, 2016

MVD MVDiag-Multi vehicle diagnostic tool same function with autocom/delphi ds150

MVD MVDiag- multi vehicle diagnostic tool
This is a new machine original China, it has same function with autocom/delphi ds150/tcs cdp+, so can work cars and vehicles.
But it is more like update version of autocom.
It can work with all version software of autocom
support update software and hard ware without damage
work with WOW latest software 5.00.8, can work new vehicles 2015-2016.
Machine photo:
full set including machine and obd cable

main machine
obd ii cable

usb cable

Software photo:
mvd mvdiag software keygen
Can work new vehicles:
can work 2015-2016 vehicles
Software video:

For any question, welcome to contact Dinna.
Skype: ufodiag2008


  1. interesting! china always can copy every machine, hope this one have more function

    1. hi friend, this machine is like update version of autocom.
      It have same function with autocom but can work more vehicles.
      And MVDiag MVD support update software and update hardware without damage.
      And MVDiag MVD can be sold on ebay without punishment. :)
      welcome to contact for any question.